Do you like loud music  ??

Do you like juicy metal riffs, tight rhythm section and mesmerizing powerful voicals?

Do you think there is no boundaries in rock and metal music?

If so, we’ve got something for ya!



Hard’n Roll Band from Cracow with a huge load of energy, mixes every possible kind of metal music in it’s own unique way. Good mood & Groove topped with Polish lyrics.

The Band has done many tours (over 250 gigs) along bands like: Hunter, Frontside, Ploretaryat, Jelonek, Virgin Snatch, Decapitated, Hate…

The Newest record „Neony” (eng. „Neons”) is band’s first concept album featuring Robert Kasprzycki and Patrycja „Trisz” Mrowiec!!!

Premiere night with live performance was set on March 27th 2015 in Cracow in Jazz Rock Cafe.

Two clips were made in order to promote the release, first of them „Obywatel Świata” (eng.

„Citizen of the World”) lauched on February 28th 2015.

„Obywatel Świata” (eng. „Citizen of the World”)


The second one „Reinkarnacja” (eng. „Reincarnation”) is a live clip and was released on June 5th 2015.

„Reinkarnacja” (eng. „Reincarnation”)

From March until the end of the year band will be touring and promoting it’s newest release (32 shows including 24 self-organized)

The band is supported by Magazyn Pergisista, Rockmetal, Magazyn Gitarzysta, Fabryka Zespołów and many others

Contact with fans? Then check this out

Check out a few fragments from a latest reviews:

 “If you’re looking for a definition of man’s tune I think you should definitely get into Cracow’s Heart Attack stuff. It’s been a long time since I’ve listened to some real heavy metal music so I’m really glad that „Neony” got straight into my hands”

” Massive hit, wild energy, unbridled testosterone and uncompromising on stage. Plus astonishing lyrick in native language! No place for pretentiousness – pure hard’n’roll “

” Musically from stoner rock up to thrash metal, but generally speaking, you can’t just put it on one shelf. If someone likes Motorhead, Pantera, Down or Ploretaryat for their metal stuff, than he’ll definitelly find something for himself. Guys are masters in energetinc way of playing music, that gives a listener no time to relax at all, striking with solid metal riffs and tight rhythm section”

” Everyone that likes solid guitar work and firm drums will definitelly find something for themselves (…) Years of experience has battle-hardened the crew of Heart Attack, who’s unstoppable on stage!


Live clip:

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“The most important thing for us is contact with audience – we’re taking the energy from them, and giving it back with doubled strength!” – Heart Attack


Paweł ”Hevi” Szostak

+48 502 985 950